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Oh My Ricky Horror!

City Lights

Ricky x Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)

G / U


I walked through the streets trying to find my way back to the tour bus. I turned a corner into another dead end alley. I screamed in frustration. Sacramento was a fucking maze. I grabbed my phone. I was starting to get scared so I called Chris.
"Hey Ricky."
"Chris, you gotta help me. I'm so fucking lost and I'm scared and I'm starting to freak and this is your home town so like help me find the fucking bus and get me out of this labyrinth of fucking dead end alleys."
I started crying. I just wanted to be on the bus.
"Hey, Ricky, calm down. Listen to me find the nearest street with people and lights. Stay on the phone."
I started retracing my steps. Chris stayed on the phone soothing me. I heard footsteps behind me and I had a quick look. Fear struck me. Two guys with balaclavas over their faces. With baseball bats. I screamed and ran.


I fell and rolled into a road. Car horns blared and I screamed. Someone grabbed me and I looked up at Chris. I sobbed and hugged him. He hugged me tight.
"It's alright, Ricky, I'm here, calm down."
"I-I wanna g-go h-home. I w-wanna g-go back to S-Seattle."
"I know. Come on."
He walked and I clutched to him, still sobbing.


We got to a building and Chris opened the door. I looked at him puzzled.
"I wanna show you something."
I slowly walked in and looked around. It looked abandoned. I looked a little closer and shuddered.
"Why did you bring me to an abandoned asylum?"
"I was a patient here when I was younger. I wanted to show you a few things."
I nodded and followed him. We went up a few flights of stairs. He stopped by a door. His fingers slowly traced the numbers embedded in the door.
"Number 94261. Christopher Cerulli."


Chris slammed into the door with his shoulder and walked in. I stood in the doorway. He reached under the bed and pulled out a medium sized red velvet box. He opened it and smiled.
"Come look."
I walked in and knelt by him. He was playing with a necklace.
"I grabbed it off of my Mother when they were bringing me in."
He held it out to me. I gently took it. It was silver and had a key charm hanging from it.
"It's beautiful."
He nodded.
"Last present my Father gave her before he left."
There were a few pictures in the box, a small teddy and a ring. He held the teddy to his heart.
"A birthday present my Mother got me whilst I was in here."
I smiled.
"What's the ring?"
"My grandmother's. I was wearing it when they brought me in."
"I see."
He put all the things into his pockets and stood.
"Come on."


Chris led me up yet more stairs. I was soon panting. He picked me up and piggy-backed me up. We came to a corridor with a single door at the end.
"You won't like this room but we gotta go through it so I can show you something."
I nodded and clutched to him. He kicked in the door and stood in the doorway. As my eyes adjusted, I felt sick. Shock therapy equipment, restraints, things I'm pretty sure were torture appliances. I felt Chris tense.
"D-Did you come in h-here much?"
He nodded and ran his hand over the shock therapy equipment.
I held back a sob. He lifted his head and walked through to the back. I turned to my left and screamed.
"Why do you think it got closed down?"
"I want out."
"Hold on."
He kicked a door open and walked out onto the roof.


Chris sat with his legs over the edge. I stood a little further back.
"Come here. I won't let you fall."
I nodded and carefully sat next to him. Chris wrapped his arm around me. He pointed out at the lights of the city.
"That's where we performed."
I nodded. He pointed again.
"That restaurant, the strobe-lighting, was where I had my first job."
I giggled.
"Where did you live?"
Chris pointed directly opposite where we were sitting to a house on a hill.
"Right there. I'll take you there someday."
I smiled.
"I'd like that."


Chris pulled me onto his lap. I whimpered.
"I've got you, my little Horror."
"I'm not your little Horror."
I very gently shoved him. He laughed.
"I want you to be though."
I stared at him and he gently kissed me. I kissed him back, playing with his lip piercings. He pulled back and shoved his hand into his pocket. He carefully secured his Mother's necklace around my own neck. I gently placed my hand to it. I kissed him again. He pushed us away from the edge and we made love under the stars and in front of city lights. I felt safe and fell asleep curled up against Chris's chest.


I ship Ricky and Chris soooo hard

RickysWhorror6 RickysWhorror6


Thank you
this is lovely
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Will do