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Angels and demons


How can one girl survive in a world that’s gone to hell
Maybe with a little help from some rogue demons and angels that don't exactly want to follow the rules. so when the world is basically at its wits end and monsters are running the earth, theres one girl that cant exactly describe what she is, but many believe she could stop the mounting chaos of the world around her. In days when you can no longer tell friend from foe who exactly can you turn to...... Maybe a demon with long ebony locks, and deep pools of honey brown eyes, and a devilish smirk.


Chris "Motionless" Cerulli

Chris "Motionless" Cerulli

If you don't know who he is i have happy news for you. you are about to learn hahaha chris happens to be team demon in this story but that doesn't mean he is ready to see the world end after all humans are his favorite toys



Short quirky girl, into a million different bands and can be either extremely out going or shyer than a turtle depending on her mood. there's nothing really all that special about her except she doesn't exactly know what she is

Demon that chyenne was drawing in class

Demon that chyenne was drawing in class

not exactly how i wanted it but fuck it

Devin "Ghost" Sola

Devin "Ghost" Sola

Not much to say about this one because he always speaks his mind if you want to know something about him just ask you will get a rather blunt and rude answer making you wish you never aske din the first place, he is a demon and would love nothing more than to see the world burn except thats exactly what all the other demons want. and you know this one's always been a rebel



a loving brother living to protect his sister he knows whats happening and can only try to protect her as best as he can, he's only human and a human can only do so much

Josh balz

Josh balz

Obviously he's a little angel he just loves looking demonic ,and who can blame him, he completely rocks it but he is such a cutie and a sweetheart and is basically as protected by the group as vinny is.

Ricky "Horror" olsen

Ricky "Horror" olsen

Ironically mr, Horror is team angel, he just likes to get a little down and dirty with the mortals of the earth hence his fall from grace but not his fall into hell

Ryan Sitkowski

Ryan Sitkowski

Team angel or demon you can never really tell with this one hes always so quiet... it might have something to do with hs mouth being sewn shut. Ryan is a bit of an inbetween good and evil character what can i say besides that he is only human..just one that got himself mixed up with the wrong crowd



He's a trap demon and the baby of the group please treat him kindly he doesnt exactly know what he's doing so if he tries to frighten you please act scared you may hurt his feelings if you don't


  1. just a dream

    out of the frying pan and into the fire

  2. cue the dramtics

    don't know how else to describe the end of the world

  3. so below it is above

    fucking angels

  4. time for a history lesson

    gonna give a full background fun history huh

  5. well that was unnecessary

    heres a chapter

  6. This is safer!!!!?

  7. well shit

    don't know what to tell you

  8. DOOR

    ya that just happened

  9. I try

    I tried

  10. Lets just Slap a demon Why not


Take your time darling everyone goes through things well undersatand

Toxic_succubus Toxic_succubus

Update! I love this!


sorry to everyone who is waiting for updates on this story my home life isn't very ideal right now so i'm not exactly sure when i will be able to add the new chapters i do have them planned out i just don't have the time to Type the shit up.

littlehatefuck littlehatefuck

me to!!! but my phone is trashed and my keyboard is wonky so my updates will be slow but will be continuing

I'm so excited that you're updating again ^_^