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Bryan Starz

That Sweet Mexican Ass

Chris pushed deeper inside me and I screamed. He was by far the best I'd had. His hand found my erection and more moans fell from my lips. I threw my head back, my eyes rolling into my head. I screamed as he hit my good spot. His lip trailed down my neck. I moaned more.
I was close and he knew it. He started slamming into my good spot, lifting my legs higher. Screams and yells slipped over my lips. I lost it. I came hard, screaming my head off. I felt Chris come inside me and I moaned more. He bent down and licked my chest clean. I pulled him up and kissed him.
"Cut! Great scene guys."
I grinned at Bryan and sat up, wincing. Chris wrapped his arms around me and kissed my sweet spot. I moaned.
"Chris, leave Dennis alone!"
He chuckled and got up. He pulled some boxers and track suit bottoms on, letting them ride low. I smiled. I pulled the duvet over me and yawned. Our director, Pat, came over.
"Dennis, good scene. I don't think we need to edit it."
"Well, Bryan puts me as bottom for a reason you know."
I winked and he laughed.
"Bombalito was looking for you, Dennis."
I nodded and jumped up, grabbing some boxers. I pulled them on and headed over to Bombalito's dressing room.


Let me fill you in. Bombalito isn't his real name. Christian is. We all have porn names. Dennis Westtower is mine. My real name is Andy. Chris is Chris Motionless, Chris Cerulli when he isn't here. We're all gay and all porn stars. I'll list us all for you.

Dennis Westtower is me, Andy Biersack.
Chris Motionless is Chris Cerulli.
Jinxx is Jeremy Ferguson.
Bombalito is CC.
Trixy is Jake Pitts.
Ricky Horror is Ricky Olson.
Outlaw is Ashley Purdy.
Ronnie Motionless is Ronnie Cerulli nee Radke. Him and Chris got married last year.


I knocked on Bombalito's door.
"Come in."
I walked in and looked him up and down. He was naked and giving himself small strokes. Must be getting ready to film.
"Andy! How was your scene with Chris?"
"Fucking awesome! He's a great top."
"Better than me."
"Sorry C but yea."
He pouted. I laughed.
"Anyway, there's three new guys starting."
"Yea there over in dressing room 5. They're sharing till they get to know this place better."
"Cool. Names?"
"Vic Fuentes. Mike Fuentes. Kellin Quinn."
I nodded.
"Yea. They're second sex scene is with each other."
"Burn. What about Kellin?"
"He gets you, second time around."
I nodded. "So everyone still gets Ash for their first video?"
"He's got more experience and these three are virgins."
"Go say hi to them."
"Can I use your shower first?"
He nodded and I jumped up, rushing through to get washed.


I got out and nicked some of CC's clothes. I shook my long hair out and made my way to dressing room 5. I knocked.
"Come in!"
I walked in and closed the door. The three young men stared at me.
"I'm Andy, one of the actors. If you use the site you'll know me better as Dennis."
I watched one of them blush. He stuck his hand out.
I shook it.
The tallest stood forward.
I turned to the last one.
"You must be Kellin."
He nodded.
"Got your screen names yet?"
"Screen names?"
"The name you use on the site."
They all shook their heads. I sat down, my pants tightening. I saw Vic blush as he saw my bulge. I smirked.
"Like what you see?"
He went even darker. Kellin stepped forward.
"I know I do."
"I'm your second video. You all get Ashley, Outlaw, first. He's got the best experience so yea. He does everyone's first video."
They nodded. Mike yawned.
"Do you know who my second is?"
I chuckled.
"You don't want to know."
He gulped. Vic sat next to me. I smiled.
"You guys need screen names."
Mike shrugged.
"I can think of one for Vic."
He looked over at him.
"Turtle Fuentes."
He laughed.
"You two?"
Kellin shrugged.
"I could use Quinnzel. It's like my surname and Harley Quinn from Batman."
I smiled.
"Ms. Harleen Quinzel."
"You like Batman?"
I nodded and showed the Batman logo tattoo on my forearm. I looked at Mike.
"What about you?"
He shrugged.
"No idea."
I looked at his Mexico tattoo.
He chuckled.
Pat stuck his head around the door.
"Hey Dennis. Vic you're needed for your first scene. Filming room 2. 5 minutes."
He nodded. I grinned and got up.
"I'll take you guys."
They all got up. Vic walked in front of me. I stared at his small; and no doubt tight; ass and grinned. This would be fun to watch.


Update please c: this is so good!

Hypocrites Hypocrites


Hypocrites Hypocrites

Ik the feeling xD


It's not going so well haha

Damn! I can barely manage nine on-hold books and school.