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My Guardian Angel

Hearts Will Sacrifice

Gerard's POV


I felt myself be pushed into a locker and I cried out. I fell to the floor.
"You little faggot Gerard!"
I looked up at Chris Motionless. This fucker had bullied me since I had joined this damn school and I now regretted asking my Mom to move schools. I looked up and saw Him. The guy I saw as a guardian angel. His long black hair shimmered in the light and his lip ring fit around his lip perfectly. His blue eyes were the color of the sky on a clear morning. He smiled at me and walked over as Chris and Hayley disappeared as the bell went. He stuck his hand out for me. I took it and he pulled me up.
"Hey. You alright?"
I nodded. I looked at the stitching on his face and wondered what had happened.
"I'm Andy."
"You're new here, right?"
I nodded. I felt self-conscious. Everyone was staring at us and I didn't know why. He nodded ahead and I walked with him.
"Where did you move from?"
"Summit, New Jersey."
He nodded. "I'm from Wisconsin."
We fell silent as we walked.
"I think you're in my Math class, Gerard."
"Oh, cool."
He smiled. "Don't worry the teacher is decent. Doesn't let bullying happen in the classroom and tries to prevent it in the hallways."
I nodded. "He sounds cool. What's his name?"
"Mr. Purdy but he lets us call him Ashley."
"That is awesome."
He opened the door on his left and we walked in. He nodded at the seats at the back and I sat next to him. I sunk in my seat as Chris and Ronnie came in. They snarled at us before sitting down.
"Ignore them. They're scared you'll upstage them or something."
I laughed. Me? Upstage THEM? He had to be joking. He smiled at me and I smiled back before Ashley walked in and started the class.


Andy prodded me.
"Mr. Way?"
I blushed, realizing everyone was staring at me. I shook my head, trying to wake up and failing.
"The answer please."
I looked at the board.
"Uh A = 15; B = 17 and C = 7.96?"
Ashley looked impressed. "Correct. Mr. Way have you done your Math qualification?"
I shook my head and he nodded. "Very well."
I leant my head on my hand and then realized how close Andy was sitting to me. I blushed. Ashley left the classroom and I sighed. Chris and Ronnie almost immediately pounced.
"Sitting with the faggot?"
I heard Andy's sharp intake of breath. Andy was gay? So was I. This was awesome.
"Someone has a crush."
I turned to see Andy's face a dark red. He looked away and I saw the tears on his eyelashes. I put my hand on his leg and shook my head slightly. He nodded and took a deep breath. I stood up.
"How about you just fuck off Ronnie?"
He stared at me.
"Excuse me?"
"I said fuck off and leave us alone."
He slapped me.
We all jumped as Ashley yelled at Ronnie. He spun around.
"Sir, he told me to fuck off."
"Even so, it is no reason to smack someone. Report to the prinicpal's office immediately."
Ronnie ducked his head, packed his bag and left the room. Ashley turned to me.
"Mr. Way, why did you tell Mr. Radke to fuck off?"
"He was having a go at Andy and I for our sexuality."
He nodded. "Very well."
He started to teach again. I sat down. Andy lay his hand on my thigh. He leant closer to whisper to me.
"Are you gay, then?"
I nodded.
"I'm guessing you are."
He blushed and nodded. I smiled at him and we leant in and kissed gently. I pulled away and smiled at him. I saw Ashley send a quick smile our way before dismissing the class as the bell went.



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